Re: SS 50' box - looking for prototype

Benjamin Hom

Rich Gibson wrote:

"The braces on the model form a Howe truss.

This is not the Northeastern SP model, as far as I can tell. It does not have a fishbelly underframe and the side bracing pattern is very different from the A-50-6. The instructions show no drawings of an SP car, only Reading, WM, NYC, PRR, D&H. N&W....all of which seem to be incorrect, at least for the numbers shown."

Definitely a Quality Craft model, and you're right about the schemes on the instruction sheet - they're all bogus.

I'm having difficulty finding prototypes with SS ends, so I'm skeptical regarding a prototype for this model. It appears to a their 40 ft MILW SS boxcar stretched to 50 ft.

See Richard Hendrickson's article in the July 1995 and July 1996 issues of Railmodel Journal for more information.

(Part of the first article and all of the second article's images are coming up - it looks like there's partial restoration of the Trainlife website.)

Ben Hom

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