Re: interesting gondola load

Schuyler Larrabee

I don't really know, but if you enlarge the photo sufficiently, down at the
water's edge, there is one of the cardboard wrappers that's broken open, and
it looks like there is a gray-painted rectangular object in there that has a
tube out the end. Perhaps some sort of HVAC device? A muffler? They had
to be fairly beefy things as they are cardboard-wrapped, held closed with no
less than four steel straps. Looks like they were shipped on end.

Also interesting is the way the wreck must have moved some dirt around; the
truck of the wrecked car appears to be half-buried in the fill above the
left end of the car. Is this a NKP car? Took a pretty good bite into the
roof of the Cotton Belt box on the right.


Tim asks:

Any idea what this gondola load might have been?

That B&O gondola 352409 is nearly brand new in this 1958 photo.

Tim O'Connor

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