Re: drop runr ladders - a better way?

Jim Betz


I rarely ever drill #80 holes any more ... just for the reasons
you note and a few of my own. I can't remember the last
time I put a #80 in a pin vise!

My "minimum drill size" is #78. When drilling any hole that
will have something installed in them I go larger by 1 or 2
numbers. It makes the parts -fit- a lot easier. Even if they
are 'loose'.

Then I will use either a very small amount of Tenax or
Krystal Klear as the adhesive. Which melts and bonds
to the shape in the case of Tenax or fills in the gap in
the case of KK. When using Tenax I pre-assemble and
apply the glue after. When using KK I put the KK in the
hole(s) and put the part in after.

The finished model will be

"what you wanted/envisioned it to look like all along" ...

- YMMV ... Jim

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