Re: CNW 75194

Andy Carlson

Hi Schuyler-

I am sending a scan of the box car you screen captured in cocoa beach. It may offer more details? I am also enclosing an attached 40' PS-1 for your enjoyment.

I should be able to ship your USRA Andrews Tahoe truck later this week or next Monday.

-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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Subject: [STMFC] CNW 75194

Can anyone direct me to a good photo of this car? It’s a single sheathed 40 ton box built 5-36, that appears very tall, and has single sheathed ends. I took (with permission) a photo off the screen in one of the Cocoa Beach presentations, and it’s a very interesting car. I doubt there’s a kit for it, but I might be pleasantly surprised.

One >could< build a model based on the photo of a photo I have, but it’d be chancy.


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