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My 2 cents.


They were shipped laid flat on the floor cross the gon. You can see the wood that was placed underneath to keep them up off the floor in transit plus the ones still stuck in the car by the Cotton Belt box show how they were laid. If they had been placed in the car on end, as it rolled the ones out in the open would have thrown further out into the water and not be so compacted.


At first glance I thought they were untreated crossties because that is exactly how the roads ship them to the creosote plant. I spent a couple of long hot summers in and out of one relaying a yard on the KCS in the early 1980’s working Section Gang.


While I can see that it looks a lot like cardboard, it does not make sense in an open car. The wrapping looks to be wood planks or plywood as you can see some grain on some of the boxes.


On the one that is open it looks like a set of 2 square tubes. You can see it better looking at the reflection of it in the water.



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Another possibility is  insulators for high voltage power transmission lines.  The packing looks to be about the right size and type for high voltage insulators.


Ernie Valentine  Red Wing


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