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Steve and Barb Hile



I have never been able to figure out a code for the use of Z’s on the end of UTLX tank car.  Class Z cars were, in a 1952 UTLX car listing, were those built to Car Builder’s design, rather than the UTLX designs, such as V, X and X-3. 


In photos that I have looked at, some have just Z, another has ZX, yet another says ZX02.  I have a copy of the photo that shows Z20, it is apparently taken at some time before the 1950’s as the car appears to have the split version of the K brake systems.  But cars in this series are still listed as Class Z cars in the 1952 UTLX car listing.  On the other hand, I have a photo of a car built by GAT in 1920 for UTLX’s Products Tank Line (PX.)  In the end view, only the Z is marked on the end.


Sorry that I can’t provide anything more definitive.



Steve Hile


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Back in November, you straightened me out on UTLX's use of the "Z" designation for tank cars not of their design (i.e., not X-3s).  I am looking at another LifeLike P2k kit for an AC&F Type 21, this one 8000 gallons.  It has "Z20" stenciled on the end. The build date is 1920.


Do you know was the UTLX practice to stencil the Z followed by the build year, or is there another explanation here?


Thanks for any advice you can provide.


Dave Parker

Riverside, CA

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