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I have 4 Bev-Bel decorated Robins Rails kits.


Brian Ehni

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Dave, good summary. :-)

Bev-Bel also decorated Walthers, Train-Miniature and Model Die Casting cars,
and offered custom decorated locomotives and passenger cars as well. I
thought they were loosely connected to Bill Glass (Robin's Rails) too, but
perhaps not. At one time (1970's to 1990's) there were quite a few different
vendors offering custom painted cars. I think the only ones left (like 5th
are using Accurail kits.

Tim O'Connor

Bev-Bel was a hobby distributor in Cresskill, N.J. that was best known for its
custom decorating of Athearn and other rolling stock. They did a really nice

Beverly Belkin and her husband Irv were the owners. Bev's name provided the

I met them back in the 1990s and the business was being phased out as Bev and
the others were way past retirement age.

I believe Athearn's sale and decision to stop producing blue box kits, leaving
them nothing to decorate, helped bring about the end as well.

This is from the Walther's website:

Bev-Bel Corp., located in Cresskill, New Jersey, was founded in 1956 by Irvin
& Beverly Belkin. Bev-Bel produces limited runs of roadnames and schemes not
generally produced by major manufacturers, along with special-appeal rolling
stock such as Christmas, 4th of July, Americana and Mexicana ModelsĀ® series.
Each run has its own distinct cab and car numbers.

Dave Owens
West Hartford, Conn.

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