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Charles Hladik

    I think the weights being referred to are the same as the old A-Line product. Depending on their weight, they could be almost square to rectangular and flat.
Chuck Hladik

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Those weights are usually curved, and quite hard to shape. Most sporting
goods stores sell lead bar strips to use for duck decoy anchors, similar to
those shown in the link below. As a bonus, you can also buy a 25lb sack of
lead shotŠ.


Brian Ehni

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Agreed but another option is the weights that are used on allow rims as
balance weights, the come with their own adhesive, meant to stay on outdoors
in all climates and they are zinc coated lead so safe to handle. Reasonably
cheap here as well, $10 gets me enough for about 30 cars.

Rob McLear

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Just to make a couple of observations, sheet lead is not magnetic, and
screws make an instant attachment with no solvent vapors or danger of
shrinkage. So long ­ Andy

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