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Not just California:

"Lead wheel weights have been under attack for several years by environmentalists. They were banned by the European Union in 2005 and are being phased out in Japan and South Korea. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is sponsoring a voluntary initiative to reduce the use of lead wheel weights but has not banned them." (

This seems inflated to me:

"In its suit (ed- by the Oakland-based Center for Environmental Health against Chrysler and the three largest makers of lead wheel weights for the U.S. market), the group contended that wheel weights falling off vehicles release 500,000 pounds of lead each year into the environment in California." (ibid)

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meant to stay on outdoors in all climates
If only the centrifugal force from our freight cars would help (VBG)!
and they are zinc coated lead so safe to handle. Reasonably cheap here as well, $10 gets me enough for about 30 cars.
And you don't live in California, capital of "you can't have/get it here"! again VBG

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