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The challenge is made more difficult by the fact the relatively few photos we have to show the ends of class Z cars were taken over a span of more than 30 years.  So, the basic Z could continue while what follows it, if anything, can vary with time.


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Dave Parker wrote:


Sounds like Union was not very consistent in their use of the "Z" designation.


     I very much doubt this was true. UTL almost certainly had a definite system. We just don't know what it was.

I went through all the builder's photos in Kaminski's book.  "Type 21" (i.e., non radial) cars built from 1919 to 1922 had KD brakes, with rare exception.  1923 seems to be a transitional year, while cars built from 1924 into the early 1930s all had KC brakes.  I am wondering why AC&F (or its customers) might have preferred KD brakes initially, and what then prompted the switch to KC.  Do you have any thoughts?


     Remember that Type 21 refers only to the underframe. Tanks varied considerably and were for all intents and purposes chosen by buyers, as were brakes and other appliances. There may indeed be correlations of the kind you describe, but they don't have anything directly to do with AC&F Types.


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