Re: Container gons from NKP

Tim O'Connor

The Walthers containers measure out at 9'0" x 4'6" .. Those dimensions probably
were chosen to fit their USRA gondola model.

In the 1943 CBC are several photos of a 46'0" x 9'3" NKP gondola with 11 containers,
loaded lengthwise. There is a single container in the middle of the car, probably
because the load is maxed out at 11. In end views of the car, there is a visible gap
of maybe 6" between the containers. There's also a view of the floor that is fitted
with cleats to position the containers.

Given the weight of dolomite containers there was no need for a longer car. Both this
car and the PRR G22B in the 1943 CBC are shown as 100 ton cars!!

Tim O'Connor

Tim,   that may well be how Walthers did their model, That would mean the (model) containers are twice as long as wide. If these prototypes are the same shape as the model you describe, then they would be about 9 ft, 6 in long. (typical gon inside width)  Stacked 6 lengthwise per car would be 57'.  - an odd size.  Common gon interior length is 52 ft 6 in.  I'm betting that these containers are all the same, and that they are each about 7 ft long and 4' 9" wide (9 ft , 6 in div by 2) .

That would be very similar to the containers in this PRR G22b

 It seems less likely to me that they would use different sized containers. And more likely that the angle of the photo distorts the length vs width comparison.

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