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Sorry I have not had time to dig through things to be able to give a more definitive response until now.



I have the NKP 1947 folio diagrams for freight cars in our Folio Book and it includes all the info on both 70 & 100 ton Dolomite container carrying gons:


Here is the pertinent info from the book:


There were 70 ton & 100 ton dolomite cars. The 100 ton car is even one I put in the sample pages from this book. Because the measurements are not readable in the sample page (but they are clear as a bell in the book) here they are:



70 ton car – NKP 75050-75069 carried 8 containers per car and they were built in 1934 as D.E. Gons Nos. 71000-71674. In Sep – Oct 1943 they were rebuilt and renumbered and equipped with 70 ton trucks for container service.


Load limits in containers 136820 (not dolomite)

Load limits in containers 128640, 1072 cu. Ft. dolomite

Load Limit without containers 156700


Car width inside - 9’6”,

Car length - 53’4” long over the pulling faces


Load 8 containers per car 4 on each end. The end pairs are roughly 1’ in from the inside of the car end and have about 8” space between them and the next pair. There are no hold downs in the center of the car for any containers, but it does not say that if they are empty more than 8 potentially could fit into a car.


160 Containers numbered from C-630 through C-789 built in 1943 by Youngstown Steel Door Co.


7’1” long, 7’ 4.5” to the top of the hooks, 4’4” wide is what shows in the drawing BUT the legend has slightly different measurements of

7’0”x4’3”x7’ 4.5” high




100 ton car – NKP 76000-76019 These were done in 2 batches of cars 76000-76009 & 76010-76019 and carried 11 containers per car

They were built in 1939 and 1940 but each batch had different brakes and draft gear. NYAB and Miner on the first batch and WABCO and National on the second batch. They appear to have been purpose built for this service as the containers were built the same year as the cars.


Load limits in containers 177775 (not dolomite)

Load limits in containers 176000, 1474 cu. Ft. dolomite

Load Limit without containers 1st batch 205000, 2nd batch 205500


Car width inside - 9’3.5” Because the inside width is much less the containers fit in the car with much closer clearances.

Car length - 49’6” long over the pulling faces


Load 11 containers per car. All are pairs except the 3rd from the B end which is a single container. It is unclear if that single was on one side or the other or centered between the sides of the car.


220 Containers C-322 through C-541 are the same size as for the 70 ton cars and they carried 16,000 lb per container.




The PRR had at least 20 different sizes and types of bulk freight containers.




Hope this answers some of the questions.



Tim Mulina

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The Walthers containers measure out at 9'0" x 4'6" .. Those dimensions probably
were chosen to fit their USRA gondola model.

In the 1943 CBC are several photos of a 46'0" x 9'3" NKP gondola with 11 containers,
loaded lengthwise. There is a single container in the middle of the car, probably
because the load is maxed out at 11. In end views of the car, there is a visible gap
of maybe 6" between the containers. There's also a view of the floor that is fitted
with cleats to position the containers.

Given the weight of dolomite containers there was no need for a longer car. Both this
car and the PRR G22B in the 1943 CBC are shown as 100 ton cars!!

Tim O'Connor

Tim,   that may well be how Walthers did their model, That would mean the (model) containers are twice as long as wide. If these prototypes are the same shape as the model you describe, then they would be about 9 ft, 6 in long. (typical gon inside width)  Stacked 6 lengthwise per car would be 57'.  - an odd size.  Common gon interior length is 52 ft 6 in.  I'm betting that these containers are all the same, and that they are each about 7 ft long and 4' 9" wide (9 ft , 6 in div by 2) .

That would be very similar to the containers in this PRR G22b

 It seems less likely to me that they would use different sized containers. And more likely that the angle of the photo distorts the length vs width comparison.

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