Re: Container gons from NKP


Tim ( O'Connor). I think we are in agreement, but I don't understand your point. My point was that if the containers in the photo were 9' long, like the Walthers model, and were set 6 of them lengthwise, that would be 54' and would have required a longer car, so that's why I felt they were shorter than the width of a gon and probably closer to 7'. 

I think Tim Mulina has settled it. Thanks, Tim.  It looks like I came pretty close in my size estimate:

 "I'm betting that these containers are all the same, and that they are each about 7 ft long and 4' 9" wide (9 ft , 6 in div by 2) ."

This all goes to show how confusing a photo can be regarding dimensions.

Tom Hayden

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