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Tim O'Connor


I'm sorry, I just lost it when I found out about banana drovers! Care and
feeding of the banana herd is a serious business, and we mustn't have any
fun at the expense of our noble fruit... My sincere apologies.

Next week, I will investigate the origin of the term "baloney" and its
relationship to freight cars.

After spending significantly more time researching this than I did computing the average weight of lead lost on California's roads, I concur. I couldn't find a single reference to anything other than "subservient role" such as the straight man in a comedy routine.

Failing a reputable citation, my conclusion: Tim's pulling out leg.

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On Wed, 1/21/15, Andy Sperandeo asperandeo@... [STMFC] <STMFC@...> wrote:

is the origin of the� term 'second
Sounds more like some original
baloney to me. "Top banana," etc., are show-biz
terms dating to the old vaudeville days.

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