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It is a somewhat cheeky answer.  Moreover, I don't have the correct one.  But I think overlooking the issue of font v. stencil and simply addressing whether any railroad used lettering in the style of Cooper black italic on their rolling stock would have been more helpful and, perhaps, even fraternal, as this hobby is something of a brotherhood.

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The simple, somewhat cheeky answer is that no, no railroads used Cooper Black italic font on their rolling stock... because as we have noted a number of time, rolling stock was not lettered with "fonts" but rather with stencils.  Fonts are the province of typesetters and the like.

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Kind of an odd question, but I am wondering if any railroad used Cooper black italic font on their rolling stock.  Sounds obscure but 'Cooper black' was what the ATSF used on their diesels, but the italic version seems to be somewhat rarer, and I'm trying to find a decal or transfer with lettering in that font. 


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