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Bruce Smith


First, the business behind the freight house is “W.B. THOM…” and the sign below that says “FUE..”
Going with Thompson, I googled “wb thompson fuel" and found:

It is a pencil advertising a company in Waynesboro PA. The company is a feed company and the building in the photo looks to have some grain conveyors.

So I googled “waynesboro freight house” and got the top answer as a web page of Franklin County PS RR stations
Scrolling down, I got to the Waynesboro Cumberland Valley passenger station which has a hot link to

This shows the passenger station.  Look in the background… Is that the same freight house?  I’m not sure because there are modifications.  But for now, I’m going with Waynesboro PA.



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any idea of the date and/or location? a neat little scene.

Tim O'Connor

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