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Guess I should have requested overnight delivery. :-/

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Amen, Ben! Sometimes I think no one read any of those articles we wrote.

Elden Gatwood

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Arved Grass asked:
"Is the Walthers X29 closer to the 1924 or 1928 build?"

The 1924-1925 build.

"In the absence of Red Caboose RC-7000 models (of the 1928 car), I'm looking for an easier way to model a 1928 version car than to kitbash the 1924 ends onto the 1932/1934 body (same 1928 sides, but with Dreadnaught ends)."

You're better off keeping an eye out for the Red Caboose 1928 models with flat ends instead of cutting up Dreadnaught end cars. Besides, building cars from the 1924-1925 production group will keep you plenty busy.

Please do yourself (and me) a huge favor, get the TKM articles, and READ THEM. I'd like to think that all of the effort we put into them (including giving them away for free at the time) was worth it.

Ben Hom

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