Re: One Last X29 Question

Benjamin Hom

Chris Sawicki wrote:
"From Ben's TKM articles, the 1928 version should have plate ends (my understanding) if it also has K brakes."

Yes, for AS-BUILT cars. Keep in mind that cars were eventually retrofitted with AB brakes.

Speaking of AB brakes, this is a "gotcha" with the Red Caboose model. The AB brake arrangement assembled in accordance with the instructions (with transverse reservoir on the same side of the car as the AB valve) is correct ONLY for Dreadnaught end cars built between 1932-1934. It is incorrect for all cars retrofitted with AB brakes. The reservoir should be mounted parallel to the center sill on the opposite side of the car from the AB valve. Additionally, the retainer line no longer runs diagonally across the B end, but parallel with the car ladder straight down the end from the retainer valve.

Ben Hom

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