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My focus is on the Southern Railway (and shortline Atlantic & Yadkin) in the Piedmont region of North Carolina in 1934. "Captn" Snow the conductor did me a service in identifying X29's by number that appeared in this area/era through his log books. My question would be: we're any, most, or all of the early '24-25 cars or the later '28 cars converted to AB brakes by 1934?


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Arved Grass wrote:
"AAR mandated AB brakes in 1933, so I'm quite sure about the 1934 cars being built with AB brakes. Were the 1932 cars built with K brakes? I doubt it. Handwriting was on the wall by then. I believe I've seen that the 1932 cars were built with AB brakes."

You're overthinking this. ALL of the Dreadnaught end cars were built with AB brakes. PRR built at least one X29 with AB brakes in 1930. The builder's photo of the car shows it with an "EXPERIMENTAL AB BRAKE" stencil.

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