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I know how you feel. I wonder if anyone reads my editorials.  But I did read your X29 articles and took your information into account when building my last couple of RC X29s.
Jim Hunter

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Amen, Ben! Sometimes I think no one read any of those articles we wrote.

Elden Gatwood

Given the ubiquity of the X29 and the questions it raises, did the historical society ever consider making this article series free to download as a low res pdf as a way of getting people interested in the Pennsylvania RR, the historical society, and more esoteric topics? Not saying they should, just wondering.

I am often months or years behind in following up on questions or modeling topics. It's hard to remember to visit all the society webs and download the latest for free before it becomes pay-for-CD. I missed a few of the early ACL-SAL Modeler, and just expanded my focus beyond southeastern railroads, such as NYC, PRR, Santa Fe, SP, UP, etc. Given my many projects to do: building, maintaining, researching, etc., the info that is easiest to obtain at the cheapest cost becomes the basis of many modeling decisions. If I read everything of interest first, I would have few models, no layout, and a very different hobby. As it is, I read this and eight other email lists daily, I am subscribed to five or six others with weekly compilations, and some I visit only to search occasionally. I read MRH message boards weekly. I read several subscribed historical society magazines, two or three free modeling publications, as well as visit five or six blogs regularly. I also read and reread the shelves of railroad history books I have purchased and I decipher original prototype materials I collect. I belong to two modular clubs (and maintain the website for one) and several informal train groups. And that's just railroad stuff. I'm almost a Distinguished Toastmaster, having given over 60 speeches, I'm an avid Virginia Tech sports fan, and I have two pre-teen daughters with dance, band, and Girl Scouts. I read a science fiction or American history book a week, and play turn-based electronic war games with some old friends. Oh yes, and I have a job, plus power-of-attorney for my parents due to their health.  It's all about low hanging fruit.

This is not to say that the decisions I make and my activities are typical or that they should be the basis of how information should be made available. It is just an exposition of how I conduct research and thus why I have not read all I should, especially when it is first published or made freely available.

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