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There may well be a census of X29s with AB brakes at some time in their history other than construction but it was almost certainly NOT done on a yearly basis.  Why would it have been done in 1934?  There was no pressure at the time to convert existing cars to AB brakes.  If you want a guess, I can give you that.  Go with the construction numbers (ie about 10%).  If you really want to model an earlier X29 with AB brakes, then only do so if you have photographic evidence of conversion prior to 1934.  I know we live in an age of information, but sometimes you have to be reasonable in your expectations and this is one of those cases.  

How many X29s are you going to model? If you have 10, then one should be a dreadnaught ended early AB equipped car.  That leaves 9 cars.  I doubt that even 10% of the rest of the fleet had been converted to AB, so that means model 9 K brake cars.  Heck, even by 1944 I only plan to model about 1/2 of my fleet of 29 X29s with AB brakes of any kind.

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Sorry I was not clearer. I got the idea that there probably was not complete conversion, given the numbers, and given they used AB as early as 1930, they probably converted some. I knew that the construction created rusted side panels and eventually plates to fix.  So how many in 1934?  That could still mean only tens, or hundreds, or thousands.


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David Bott asked:
"My focus is on the Southern Railway (and shortline Atlantic & Yadkin) in the Piedmont region of North Carolina in 1934. "Captn" Snow the conductor did me a service in identifying X29's by number that appeared in this area/era through his log books. My question would be: we're any, most, or all of the early '24-25 cars or the later '28 cars converted to AB brakes by 1934?"
No. Do the math. 26,000+ cars across both 1924-25 and 1928-30 were built. Even if the Pennsy decided to do wholesale retrofitting of the X29 fleet starting in 1932, it's highly unlikely that they would have completed even a small fraction of the fleet inn two years, especially given the far-flung travels of general service boxcars. It's far more likely the cars received AB brakes during major shopping - since virtually every car required side sill repairs, AB brake retrofits probably happened at the same time.

Ben Hom

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