Re: One Last X29 Question

Eric Lombard

Hi Everyone,

In crunching information about the X29 over the years I found the following regarding AB brakes which might be of interest:

1-1939  On this date there were about 25649 X29 built with K brakes in freight service.

6-1939  By this date only 124 out of all X29 built with K brakes had been converted to AB brakes.

1/1/1945  The original deadline for AB brakes required in interchange. The requirement was ultimately extended to 6/30/1953. Very likely using critical war material to replace brake components in ordinary freight cars during the war was not a national priority!

After the war progress in replacement appears to have been very rapid.

11-1952  By this date all but 459 X29 built with K brakes, and in freight service, had been converted to AB brakes.

1-1953 there were 23548 X29 in freight service.

This last date is a few months shy of the 6/30/1953 (final) deadline on which AB brakes would become mandatory for interchange.

Eric Lombard
Homewood, IL

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