The Project begins S_N_T 2015 let the madness begin... 3^)

Greg Martin

Rob and all interested,
SHAKE_N_TAKE for 2015 is a 40-foot Double Door Automobile boxcar built for the Rock Island in 1937 by AC&F  lot 1597 in series 161000-161349. The car had a clear opening of 14'6" and required a set of double doors that were 15'+ to cover the opening. Thus the need for the  Athearn Nee-MDC/Roundhouse car as tooled by our own Brian Lippert. It was built with 5/5 dreadnaught ends with square corner post, a Murphy rectangular panel roof, Youngstown Steel pre-war light weight doors, an inset sill (likened to last years project), and a very unique underframe door support.  Delivered with the ROCK ISLAND LINES herald the lettering evolved to the Rock Island emblem with a black back ground to a simplified emblem of only white stenciling. The proper trucks delivered with the car were Barber Stabilized  S-1-L lateral motion & tie bar trucks... Brian Lippert might help us with a match if we are nice. Bob's Photo does have a great photo of this car.
We owe a special thanks again to Aaron Gjermundson for his donation of the resin ends and underframe for this project. His work makes this project possible so please do so directly at : npin53@...   He is the wizard at resin production.
Also a great shout out to Ed Hawkins who helped with the final prototype information and insight to the project. Thanks Ed...
With regards to the aftermarket parts and if you weren't able to get a set at Cocoa Beach we have some sets available and I have a separate sign up list for aftermarket parts and if you haven't signed up email me separately : tgregmrtn@...  The sets are $13.00 and postage.
I had to seek out a supply of extra kits beyond the Athearn donation for Cocoa Beach as Athearn was only able to supply 37 kits and our goal was a minimum of 40 sets by the SHAKE_N_TAKE  administrators. So I bought a small supply of kits that are undecorated with the standard MDC parts trucks, underframe (useless for the build) screws and trucks (also useless). While the supply last the kits are $12.00 you may want to seek out your own I have about nine at present and I may be able to secure more.
Beyond the basics you will need:
  • Brake detail parts, choose your favorite like Details West sets, we were given some parts from ACCURAIL my standard.
  • Seven rung ladders were donated by InterMountain Railway detail sprue #45700-047
  • Wood Running Boards were donated by InterMountain Railway sprue #45700-55
  • Underframe brake rod set was donated by ACCURAIL and included the rods and the brake valve, a very nice addition to the project.
  • Trucks and wheel sets were also donated by ACCURAIL
  • Archers Transfers donated a special set of rivets for the project just as in the past. We owe some of you sets and I will get them to you as soon as they arrive from Jen and Woody.
Steve Hile has sent me a note today saying the decals are ready for those that were in attendance and he has sets available for aftermarket. FIRST ~ if you are on this list and in attendance please send me an address so I can send it to Steve and get your decal sets. Steve also included a set of General Arrangement Drawings in his handout, small but helpful.
Schuyler "the key keeper" has the un-edited handout and I have some left from the meet and will include them to those that sign up for the aftermarket sets. I have them in my DROPBOX as well.
I am slowly sending the project photos to Schuyler to have them posted on the group list files. These are big file and allow for good clear blow-ups.
I have a message off to Steve Hile to please send his most excellent power point and handout to myself and Schuyler so we can up load them to the group list files. We have one member that is likely going to model the interior with the Evans loaders in the car...
From this point forward we ask that all discussion be directed tot he SHAKE_N_TAKE Yahoo Group list.
I am hoping I have covered at least the basics.
Greg Martin
Eventually all things merge into one and a river runs through it.
Norman Maclean
Rob Kirkham wrote:

Having not been at Cocoa Beach this year, I'm realizing I'm still a little clued out about the Rock Island AC&F double door car. 

Is there a reference sheet that spells out proto info for the cars (eg. year built) and a rough idea of the modelling approach for those of us who want to follow from the bleachers?

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