wood freight car kits


Jeff Pellas is right. You have to pick the kits to build.

Some will look like crap no matter what & some will be real gems.

Sealing wood to look like metal is difficult.

I visited Bob Weaver in the early '80s. He was a giant guy and would have been even among professional football players.

He had many of his kits built and on display and each one was magnificent.

A couple of other observations from e bay -

- there were more excellent kit builders than I thought

- ditto for guys doing weathering; I even copy the photos

- some modelers use a coating that fogs (gets cloudy) as weathering - it looks overdone & reduces the value of the cars

- at least one person buys inexpensive kits and them  tries to resell them; I hope he buys a lot of junk

- cost of shipping has a lot to do with salability of kits

Ed Mines

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