Re: National Type B Truck Longevity

Ian Cranstone

On 2015-01-30, at 4:34 PM, ealabhan0@... [STMFC] wrote:

The National Type B truck, while not as popular as the conventional AAR design, was nevertheless used on a number of freight car orders from Class I railroads and private owners.  I have two Resin Car Works ACF Type 27 acid tank cars on order, including one for Hooker Chemicals.  The Barriger Library's online builder photo of HOKX 219 clearly shows National Type B trucks, as built by ACF 12-39.  The question arose in my mind as to whether this car, and various others (i.e., ATSF Bx-37, SFRD Rr-29 and Rr-30, etc.), would have retained these trucks up through my 1958 modeling era, or if there had been some later prohibition against them as with the Allied Full Cushion trucks?  I found nothing in searching STMFC Files and Conversations.  Anyone know of any regulatory action, or of any reliability, maintenance, and/or cost factor that affected the service life of this distinctive truck, or National's revised Type B-1 version?

I don't know about a prohibition, but Canadian National decided in later years that they were not a fan of the design.  There were notes on a few diagram sheets by the 1970s that National B-1 trucks were not to be applied when cars were refurbished.

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