Re: MTH Paint Remover

Tim O'Connor


Tried acetone or MEK? I mention this because the old Front Range cars
were extremely hard to strip, except with Accupaint thinner, which is
around 75% acetone + MEK. (Fred Becker is the person who found the paint
in the first place, and told George Bishop who quickly switched his AP
brand to that type of paint. AP was originally a complete different paint.)

Tim O'

At 1/30/2015 10:12 PM Friday, you wrote:

Has anyone found a paint remover successful in removing the paint and lettering from MTH freight cars?  I�ve tried 91% alcohol, Scalecoat Paint Remover and  brake fluid.  Was able to remove the paint and most of the lettering, but not the lettering outline which remained.
Chuck Davis
Norfolk VA

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