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     The first change to the kit I made was scratch building a radial roof for it. I walk a line between being true to the kit and depicting the car as accurately as possible and in this case, the car had to have a radial roof! I built up the roof with thin strips of balsa and sanded a curved roof shape for it. I then glued a very thin layer of aluminum (from a soda can) over the wood before applying the metal ribs. For the underside details, I used frame pieces salvaged from a Silver Streak USRA DS car combined with Tichy bolsters. I did use the turned wood brake cylinder that came with the kit (with modifications). For the 3-3-3 ends, I decided not to use the card stock ones and instead cut them off of a 1970s era Tyco boxcar. Had to sand and file off the cast on ladder and brake parts. I then put aside the ladder stock from the kit and instead fashioned the end ladders out of styrene and Ye Olde Huff n Puff grab irons. For the sides, I first added styrene strip for the side braces (to make the braces stand out more). I then cut out, from the cardboard sides, the spaces between the embossed braces and glued them to the car between the styrene braces I had just applied. I also cut out the doors individually, added very thin wood strip behind the doors (also to make them stand out more) and glued those to the sides. That is where I am now. Still have to add grabs and a few other details to the sides and carefully paint them and touch up several other areas. 
     If I had to do this over again, I'd still probably use the Tyco ends since I can't seem to find 3-3-3 ends as a separate detail part. Also I'd use end ladders from Yarmouth, a Central Valley radial roof and an Accurail bottom.
     The GTW car I am going to build is very similar to the Wabash car except it has auto end doors and also ladders on the sides instead of drop grabs.

     I'd definitely contribute pics to a photo section on vintage kit cars.                  


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FYI the Wabash DD SS cars had Radial roofs.

I think it would be very interesting to have an Album dedicated to photos of wood models as a part of this Yahoo discussion group.

Bill Welch

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