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Michael Watnoski


    I haven't any luck with 'Awesome'.  I did have good results with ProForce Floor Stripper from Sam's Club.  It has the odor of Chameleaon with a caustic base.  It is cheap and reusable.


On 1/31/2015 5:21 PM, tgregmrtn@... [STMFC] wrote:
Garth, Tim and all,
Acetone and MEK will eat plastic and craze it almost instantly... If you want to do yours first and tell me how it worked out for you, let me know.
Chuck, spend a buck, go to The Dollar Tree and buy some "AWSOME" in that back of the store with the cleaners and you can't miss it as it is a yellow liquid. I would let it soak overnight and lightly scrub it the next day with a soft tooth brush. Keep it at room temperature for the best results. Keep it away from your wife's cabinets and other painted or varnished surfaces.
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Garth Groff replies:

Would acetone/lacquer thinner/fingernail polish remover be safe? I use this to strip paint from fiberglass (on archery bows), but I'm not sure of its effect on styrene.

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