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I would strongly suggest that it is a DL&W trailer -- the style and letteing scheme fits (angled Route of Phoebe Snow lettering, similar to the boxcars), as does the silver roof. That flat car is not from the DL&W, however, and Tim's suggestion of a C&NW TOFC flat is a good one. 

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I think the DL&W had dark green trailers with aluminum roofs that looked
more or less like the one in that photo. The trailer appears to be an Aerovan,
with its distinctive rounded nose and roof trim. Whether the DL&W owned any
of those, I don't know.

But a DL&W TOFC flat car would be black, so my guess is the flat belongs to
the C&NW which had fishbelly TOFC flats that would run on the UP in this time

Tim O'Connor

Does anyone recognize the trailer/flat combination (owner, roadname, dimensions, etc).
In this 1957 photo: ?

It’s the 6th car behind the locomotive.
My friend Mark Amfahr would like to try to model it in HO scale.  He says that this is the earliest evidence he’s found of TOFC moving across Nebraska.  UP did have regular TOFC operating many years before this (1953) but those services were limited to specific lanes for company-sponsored LCL traffic (LA-LV/SLC, for example), as opposed to the Overland Route shipment shown in the photo which appears to be non-UP equipment & traffic, possibly from a freight forwarder.
P.S. Tim O’Connor, if appropriate, could you fwd this to the BBFCL? – I suspect there are additional TOFC experts there.

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