Re: Can you ID this 1957 TOFC?

William Hirt

Russ Strotz posted on the Railway Bull Shippers List in 2007 about the initial 1959 CB&Q TOFC meat service into Chicago from American Stores in Lincoln NE. These were very hot cars and watched very closely. Russ stated that in the late 50s there was no rail TOFC car delivery in Chicago at the time. The trailers were rubber wheeled from railroad to railroad at this time. Some of this was due to bridge clearance issues in the Chicago terminal. In fact the IHB he said had an embargo on TOFC cars as they had no ramp facilities. So that might help to explain why a DL&W trailer would be on C&NW flat car.

Bill Hirt

On 2/2/2015 2:44 PM, MDelvec952@... [STMFC] wrote:

I would strongly suggest that it is a DL&W trailer -- the style and letteing scheme fits (angled Route of Phoebe Snow lettering, similar to the boxcars), as does the silver roof. That flat car is not from the DL&W, however, and Tim's suggestion of a C&NW TOFC flat is a good one. 

               ....Mike Del Vecchio

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