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Can't help with prototype photos of the R7 car but there are a number of photos of the rather odd looking ACF cars built for Matheison in the early 1930s. Early kits for different versions these cars were made by both Varney and Laconia. I have one of each kit and I intend to build and super detail them at some point.

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After finishing a Westerfield resin DS MILW box car I thought it might be fun to build a Ambroid Company wood Mathieson Dry Ice refrigerator,  kit No 7, in the One of Five Thousand series that I picked up in an estate sale many years back.   After looking at the kit plan sheet the only photo of a car that I can find that is like the Mathieson car is the photo of FGEX 43982, an ex-PRR Class R7 using the same steel superstructure frame design of the X23 box car in the book "The Postwar Freight Car Fleet" by Kline and Culotta.
So, asking for help in directing me to a photo of a wood Mathieson Dry Ice refrigerator.   Thank you in advance for your time and effort to help.   Lester Breuer

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