Re: MTH Paint Remover

John Sykes III

OK, here it is again.

Butyl cellosolve (2-butoxy ethanol) is available in one gallon cans at large Sherwin Williams Paint stores (it is used by professional cabinet makers to slow down lacquer drying, or so I was told).  It is around $55/gal, so you might want to get a whole club to share the expense.  The formula for Chameleon or Wash-Away paint stripper is roughly the following:

Buy a 1 pint bottle of 91% isopropyl alcohol at WalMart or any pharmacy.

Measure out 4 oz of the isopropyl and throw it away (or use it for something else).


Replace the 4 oz taken out of the bottle with an equal amount of butyl cellosolve.  Put top back on and shake well.  Make sure to label your new paint stripper, so you don't goof and use it for alcohol.

Butyl cellosolve is also the active ingredient in Hobsco Solvaset, but I haven't found the proportions yet (I think it is just butyl cellosolve in distilled water but don't know if it is 2%, 5% or whatever).

-- John

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