Re: Southwest Models Door Application Data Base: Is there one?

Tim O'Connor

  > A few months ago Andy Carlson offered the very nice door offered by Southwest Models
  > and I ordered everything except the unique SP door as I had already built a model with
  > that door.

Bill, I don't have a spreadsheet but I have these notes -- the numbers refer to the
Southwest Scale Productions part numbers. The 10'6" and 10'0" dimensions refer to the
inside height of the box cars. The doors themselves are shorter than the IH number.

#650 10'-6" 6' 5 panel Superior door (produced in 1952).
        Used by C&IM, C&NW, CGW, MILW, SOU, Santa Fe, CP, Rock Island, MKT,
        P&WV, MPA, MNS, FDD&S, GB&W, CoG, NYC, NYS&W, AA, IC and others.

#672 10'-6" 6' 7 panel w/ wide 2nd panel Superior door (produced in 1948)
        Used by Lackawanna, Rock Island, UP, Copper Range, C&NW, SOU, SOO, P&WV and others.

#673 10'-6" 6' 7 panel w/ wide 3rd panel Superior door (produced 1950-1951)
        Used by Rock Island, Lehigh Valley, CoG, GB&W, NYC and others.

#750 10'-6" 10'-6" 7' 5 panel Superior door (produced in 1952)
        Used by Buffalo Creek, Rutland, C&NW, Cotton Belt, TP&W, Lehigh Valley, VTR,
        Central of Georgia, CMO, Monon and others. 5 equal spaced panels, except for
        a short bottom panel.

#770 10'-6" 10'-6" 7' 7 panel w/ even rib spacing Superior door (produced 1947-1948).
        Used by B&M, Maine Central, Lehigh Valley, DT&I, PH&D and others.

#622 10'-6" 6' 6/6/5 IYD (improved Youngstown door), the so called "upside down" door because
           it has the reverse panel count of the more common 5/6/6 IYD, such as Red Caboose,
           Branchline Trains, and Kadee make.
        Used on some UP 40' boxcars, 100 GN Plywood sided cars, and others.

#614 10'-0" 6' 5/6/5 IYD, a favorite of the SP, KCS, DL&W, and the D&H.

#612 10'-0" 6' 4/6/6 IYD
        Also used by SP, as well as the M&StL. SP&S and GN used these doors on 12 panel steel boxcars.

#610 10'-0" 6' 5/5/5 Interim IYD
        Also used by SP and nicknamed "Overnight" door, though many 100's were applied
        to non-overnight cars.

#620 10'-6" 6' 5/6/5 Interim IYD, used by the Santa FE for class BX-44 boxcars.

Tim O'Connor

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