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According to the Santa Fe Box Car book:


200 cars in BX28 class, converted 1937. Originally painted in the pre-map lettering scheme - no map, no slogan. The last BX-28 was retired around 1971. Photo of one fresh from the shop shown on page 115 of the book.


Maps and slogans began 1940 and ran through 1947 when "Ship and Travel" came along. The curved line maps came first, followed by an early straight line map, followed by the second straight line map which was the primary standard. Go with the latter.  "The BX-26 - BX-31 classes, which were originally lettered in the pre-map lettering scheme, apparently received slogan assignments in a random fashion as they were recaptured for normal repairs."


"In 1943 the Santa Fe dropped the periods from the reporting marks on the sides and ends of new and repainted cars."


Slogans: Grand Canyoun Line, Scout, El Capitan, Chief or Super Chief on the left side of the car. Maps on the right side.


If you only need one set of decals for all, go with the last straight line map and no periods in the reporting marks: 1944-47 paint scheme.


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Would someone know which train slogan would be most appropriate for the Shake n Take ATSF Bx28 circa 1940-47. Finally got mine built and would like to know which decals are correct. Assume it could either have straight line or curved line map. thanks, Tom Dill

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