Re: Wine Tank Cars: Why Multi Compartment

Jim Lancaster

Wine was not always shipped in multi-compartment tank cars. Single compartment tank cars were also used. See some examples at
Multi-compartment cars could carry more than one wine - Two Buck Chuck in one compartment, Ripple in another, etc.

Also see Tony Thompson's blog: commodity.html

Jim Lancaster

6a. Wine Tank Cars: Why Multi Compartment"
Posted by: fgexbill@... lnbill
Date: Sat Feb 7, 2015 3:16 pm ((PST))

Richard did not address in his very fine article why Wine Tank Cars needed to be multi compartment. I know there has been a lot of traffic about these on this list and I admit I did not read it since I did not envision these coming South, given that during our period that region was mostly Dry. But I am curious why wine needed to be shipped in the mutli-compartment cars?

Bill Welch

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