Union Pacific lettering and Slogans

Brian Termunde

From Terry Metcalfe's Union Pacific Freight Cars, 1936-1951 and a couple of other sources, I have put together this timeline of changes to Union Pacific's Lettering and use of their various slogans. Any additions or corrections would be greatly appreciated. I put this list together as a help to sort thought my accumulation of Union Pacific equipment as to what would be correct to use on my early 1950's N Scale railroad (that way I'm not wearing out my book!).

If I have misunderstood or misquoted what Mr. Metcalfe wrote, I apologize for my error(s), it was not intentional. In all honesty, I'm not sure why I purchased this book as I recall being horrified at the "high" cost ... but I have been grateful ever since for being so 'foolish' to spend 'all that' money for it.  ; )


Take Care,
Brian R. Termunde
Midvale, UT
"My Train of Thought left the station without me!"

1936    “Serves All the West” lettering is used on Left Side of car in white (replaced by Yellow within months) while  ROAD OF The Streamliners” lettering is used on Right side of car (as viewed from “B” end of car.
11/49    “Be Specific – Ship UNION PACIFIC” lettering replaces Serves All the West” lettering on Left Side of car.
1952       1” Stripes above and below UP deleted per ARR guidelines.
03/52     “Automobile” lettering removed from car sides.
06/53     “Be Careful” lettering added to lower left on all freight equipment.
11/53     “ROAD OF The Streamliners” replaced by Be Specific – Ship UNION PACIFIC” on both sides of car.
1954       Union Pacific experiments with UP Medallion.
07/56     10” Union Pacific Lettering replaced by 20” Union Pacific Lettering.
03/58     UP Reporting marks replaces subsidiary Reporting marks.

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