Re: flat car pole load

Tom Madden

Are these Harriman flats unique to the SP? I have what's supposed to be a complete set of UP flat car diagrams, and the only ones I see with 12 stake pockets are the 100 truss rod flats built by the Seattle Car Co. in 1913. The F-40-2 and F-50-1 through F-50-4 were quite numerous (almost 1900 cars) but had 13 stake pockets per side. There were 500 each of the F-50-5 and near-twin F-50-7, but they had 15 pockets per side (13 as on the earlier cars plus another on the end of each end sill) - plus two internal stake pockets at each end. I also have the General Design drawing for the F-50-5 and can detect no taper in the ends of the side sills. It does have an overhanging deck and bolted blocking between stake pockets.

All were 40'-10" over the decks and had straight side sills, so there was a clear "family" appearance. What am I missing that would exclude these 2900 UP flats from the population being discussed?

Tom madden

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