Re: Resin Kits w/cast-on grabs/ladders

Greg Martin

Bill and all,
I think it is a grand idea.
To echo Tom's remarks it should be regarded as a stepping stone for the modeler. 
How many of us bought the ACCURAIL gondola when it cam out? Resin is just the choice of way the model is produced not the culture of the modeler. What you decide to do with it after you get it is truly up to you, isn't it?
I think there is a good market for it, but it may be price sensitive at first but it will have a following.
I trust that Frank's soul will be there in the level of detail.
Only a few know how many of Aaron Gjermundson's resin ends and sills were sold for last years(2014) SHAKE_N_TAKE kits and there is still an interest in them. 
Hell, this might just be the first resin kit I finish... 3^)     (wink wink Bill ~ just kidding)
Greg Martin
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Norman Maclean

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To clarify why this option would be offered, the kits are intended for those needing to build fleets of a certain prototype, especially gons and hoppers. IIRC one of the intended kits is a one-piece composite CB&Q gon offered as a kit years ago by Sunshine.

Bill Welch

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