Re: Resin Kits w/cast-on grabs/ladders

Tony Thompson

Jim Betz wrote:

Perhaps even because they are resin kits - our resin models seem to be easy to "buy more than you will ever build". Who amongst us can say he doesn't have a supply of resin kits that he couldn't finish in a year if he did nothing else but work on those kits and focused on just that as his 'only' modeling activity?

Me, for one, and I bet Clark Propst is the same. I simply realized I wanted to change being in the place you describe, Jim, and have built, traded or had someone build, essentially all the resin kits I had. I think there are three, maybe four, still here. Most of my 60 or so kits were traded or sold, but many were indeed built. This was one area where I did not particularly want to "die with the most unbuilt kits."

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