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Armand Premo

Begs the question,what are some of those missing cars?I'll bet that the list would vary greatly with individual modelers.Armand Premo

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Thought I'd point out a detail that may be affecting the widely
varied responses to Frank's decision ...

It's a good idea (to me) to offer different products with different
target buyers. And anything that gets more guys building models
with increased accuracy/level of detailing/etc. is also a good idea.
Here's a piece of evidence supporting that ... even one of the
most skilled builders we all know (Richard H.) had a large quantity
of UNbuilt resin models in his "hobby shop in the closet".
Perhaps even because they are resin kits - our resin models
seem to be easy to "buy more than you will ever build". Who
amongst us can say he doesn't have a supply of resin kits that
he couldn't finish in a year if he did nothing else but work on
those kits and focused on just that as his 'only' modeling

So if a resin mfgr was to offer some long missing car - such as
the flat car recently mentioned - but to do it -only- in the cast on
grabs version ... then those of us wanting the same car but who
don't want cast on grabs ===> are left wanting.

Perhaps the correct solution would be to offer the cast on grabs
version only as an alternative to an already produced model in
that resin mfgr's line?
If the mfgr can 'rework' his line and issue the cast on grabs
versions of even his products that are long out of production -
there is the possibility that he can increase his business with
much less time/effort.
- Jim




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