Re: Resin Kits w/cast-on grabs/ladders

Tim O'Connor

Elitist and i will add "Entitled" Tom, I totally agree with what you are saying.
>> I might even buy the IC hopper and decal it for the NC&StL and ignore the fact that
>> the length is not quite correct, but then I also prefer the Tichy 2-bay hopper.
>> Shudder, call the Prototype Police.
>> Bill Welch

Wow, do we always have to devolve into name calling here? Can't people
express their preferences without being attacked and having mudpie epithets
thrown at them? I just originally said I'm not -personally- willing to pay
hand-poured resin prices for a model that I'd need to upgrade -- I have no
problem if Frank wants to sell a dozen or more "quick kits" to a customer,
and I have no problem with people who want that. To each his/her own.

Tim O'Connor

Disclaimer: I bought one of Frank's quickie kits at Naperville years ago.
It was a simplified version of the huge C&IM coal gondolas that he'd made
for his "freelance prototype" railroad. I just wanted something from his
layout! :-)

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