Re: Resin Kits w/cast-on grabs/ladders

Andy Harman

At 12:42 PM 2/12/2015 -0800, you wrote:
Don't fall into the trap that "it's more accurate model because it's a resin kit". That's certainly not the case.
No, but "it's more expensive because it's a resin kit", "it takes more effort to build because it's a resin kit", and "it's very limited production because it's a resin kit" are all basically true and go against the notion of a "fleet" model.

I've been harping for years for an N&W H10 hopper, and while I'd welcome a RYM quality resin kit, I'm really hoping someone does it in styrene, does it well, and in RTR form fully detailed. First choice would be Tangent. But I'd probably accept something on the level of Bowser's hoppers with molded on details. But a resin kit with all of the normal issues, expenses, wait time (could an order for, say 50 cars be filled in a timely manner), and the hassles of the build and then have to chisel off molded on details? That wouldn't be good. But at this point I'd probably take a dimensionally accurate H10 in any form that's not $100 apiece - not that they're available now even at that price. The only HO H10 I've ever seen is Jim Six's stick built one.


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