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Paul Hillman

My local hobby shop guru told me about "Slick 50 - One Lube", that it soaks into metal pores and is VERY long lasting with very low friction. He recommends completely cleaning a locomotive's gear-train, and truck journals & axles, from the manufacturer's lubricants and recoating with "One Lube". Says it's penetration and lubricant abilities will last for a very long time, 2-3 years+ he claims, and that it protects plastics from dehydrating and cracking.
I've experienced excellent rolling & gear-running characteristics with it.
I've been using it as he's suggested, but have 2 more years to go to see if his testimony is accurate.
Paul Hillman

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Dennis Storzek wrote

>The reputed poor rolling characteristics of brass trucks comes from the brass importers (and their manufacturers in the Orient) penchant for fitting them with "blunt" axles with cylindrical bearing surfaces. There should be no reason why cast brass trucks can't be made with 60* cone bearings to
>work with needle point axles...

Many brass trucks on freight & passenger cars produced after 2000 came with
very free rolling trucks. They have cone bearings and pointed axles but care has
to be taken painting them because the axles are also coated with a slippery coat
of something or other. No idea what it is, but it helps them to roll freely.
One W&R NP box car I tested rolled further on my test track than cars equipped
with Tahoe trucks, which was pretty amazing. :-)

And it's a good thing because some of those passenger cars with full interiors
weigh in at over a pound!!

Tim O'Connor

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