Re: 5'2" archbar trucks


"Can you describe what you did Ed?"

These kits come with two sideframes, a sheet metal bolster, and wheels.  You've got to drill 5 holes in each sideframe--two for the bolster and three for the axles.  I set the sideframe in a vise in a milling machine.  Very carefully.  I used a center drill to start the holes, and then, very carefully opened the holes up with drill bits.

By using a mill, you can spot the holes very precisely.  I think this is why the trucks roll so well.  I think if I had done it "by hand", it would have been a disaster.  As it was, it wasn't too pleasant getting the sideframes lined up properly in the vise for drilling the axle holes.  But once done, I knew all three holes were on a straight line.  The bolster holes were pretty straightforward.


Edward Sutorik

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