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Gary Ray

I produced a set of fonts using the SP lettering diagrams in Bruce Petty's Book.  I use them to produce my own decals. I did use a very early version of Fontographer - still on floppies - paid about $20 for it, used the auto trace function after over jpeg from lettering diagram, and then fine-tuned the letter.  You could use the same method for lettering you are interested in.


I use Word 2010 to make the sheets, and the letters can be kerned (for instance the distance between A and V by 1/10 points).  I am not interested in producing decals for others but am willing to share my fonts.   Email me privately if interested the font I created.


Gary Ray

Modeling 1926 Shasta Division



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Back in the Fifties, the period I model, the railroads used a variety of fonts, depending upon someone's choice at a particular railroad.  Until recently I had relied on Jerry Glow's outstanding selection for my decal needs.  Now I see the necessity of accessing a source of fonts so that I can create my own artwork on the computer.  Jerry must have had such a lettering program available to him.  Does someone out there know of a lettering/writing program that displays fonts of various railroads?   I have created a limited amount of artwork from my writing program, but finding the variety to match the lettering of some railroads requires a specialized program.  Any recommendations?


Tom Baker

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