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Paul Koehler



I actually have purchased more that a few off E-Bay.  There are more that a few who are willing to purchase those photos or slides that we deem as needed for our collections or modeling.


Paul C. Koehler


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Tim, the question I asked was how many have YOU bought, not the public at
large. Obviously somebody is buying them, and paying exorbitant prices, tooŠ


Brian Ehni

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Brian, it's so pointless to argue with you, since YOU haven't bought any,
I guess no one has!

But for your amusement, here are 102,121 Ebay railroad photo auctions SOLD
in the
last 90 days, sorted from highest to lowest price. Of these 13,376 were
listed as

Tim O'Connor

> I disagree. Have you bought any of those slides or prints on Ebay? I certainly
> Brian Ehni

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