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Greg Martin

I will agree with John here, digging into your archives as a seller is what you have to do to revitalize sales.
My brother attended CCB for the first time and one comment he made to me made sense,He said he would have drop another hundred plus bucks if the seller would have taken his credit card but he wasn't going to use all his cash on photos... That make perfect sense. I realize that this has been a CASH business in the past but if you want to increase your sales consider the buyers options...
Greg Martin
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Norman Maclean

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Regarding poor photo sales.  I have been concerned about this for some time as well.  

I've been to about 25 RPM meets and hosted a few, and I always like to ask the vendors how they're doing. I've noticed a consistend downward trend in photo sales.  I think it's because these guys have been to every event for 10-15 years and by now we've all bought everything we want by now.  I don't think the downward spiral is going to stop anytime soon.

The solution to increasing sales isn't going digital in my opinion.  Eventually digital decreases sales, because once you sell a copy and it appears on line, you'll never make another dime off it.  However, if you sell collections of photos on CD like Warren Calloway does I think you could still make some money over time.

Overcoming poor sales is the biggest problem all merchants have.  Normally a merchant overcomes this problem by having a sale, or offering new material.  Finding new material is tough because the stuff we're interested in is finite.  At St. Louis we like to invite John Fuller because he doesn't attend many meets and sells mostly on right-of-way photos from the 50s and 60s.  He has a great collection and I'd like to think that most folks have never seen it.  Still, his sales aren't through the roof because most folks still are interested in engine photos.

In the end, the photos by themselves are valuable, but with the addition of all the prototype info on the cars--such as what Ed Hawkins provides--makes them priceless.


John Golden
O'Fallon, IL

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