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Greg Martin

Wouldn't you think so?  My MY I guess that some just dance to the beat of a different drummer...
I would have done the same thing but again... save cash for the small stuff. 
F&C took my $120+ dollars (sssshhhh don't tell my wife it was a lot more) on my plastic and I know Ed spend just about the same...
Eventually all things merge into one and a river runs through it.
Norman Maclean

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Greg Martin wrote:

 My brother attended CCB for the first time and one comment he made to me made sense,He said he would have drop another hundred plus bucks if the seller would have taken his credit card but he wasn't going to use all his cash on photos... That make perfect sense. I realize that this has been a CASH business in the past but if you want to increase your sales consider the buyers options...

     On about page 2 of any book called "How to Run a Small Business," it says, "Make it easy for customers to give you money."

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