Re: Loctite Plastics Bonder - gluing Delrin to resin

Greg Martin

I will agree with Craig, I have used it for a Delrin to styrene connection, and Delrin to Delrin and resin to styrene as well as styrene to styrene, and I am quite pleased. I bought the Medium.   
Greg Martin
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Craig replies:

> Has anyone tried Microscale's Microbond adhesive?

I have. It did OK....not as effective as the Cypox from Mike Rose but even that's not 100% effective even when using the full three step method. Mechanical methods are to me the only sure way to make it happen.

I do, however, find the Cypox to be superb for assembling resin parts and kits. I rarely use their 'activator'...just the prep and the actual adhesive. Makes for a very strong joint; quite a bit better than CA. Seems to have a good shelf life as well...been using the same bottles for over 18 months.

Craig Zeni

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