Re: Plastic Wrapped Lumber Loads

Greg Martin

I think I am in the early stages of something. However; your brother is correct and at least one saw mill that I know of still calls it shed packs. I have a dew photos of lumber loads during the sixties and most are closer to 1970 with paper wrapped and paper capped units of lumber.  The paper is not just there to keep it dry.
Greg Martin
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Norman Maclean

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   My brother, who worked in trucking in the Portland, Ore. area, called
these "shed packs" (because they were wrapped at the mill) - and he told
me that they first became common in the mid to late 60's.  (But by the
time I thought to ask him about them he was already in the earliest
stages of dementia.)
   I do not know when the first 'experiments' were done.  Other than
needing a facility set up to do the wrapping this method more than
pays for itself in reduction of 'shipping losses' (due to weather). And
I would be surprised if it didn't "catch on" fairly quickly and start
being applied to more and more wall board - and then lumber in
just a few years.
- Jim

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